The Creation of Man 031601

The Creation of Man

Oil on canvas, 80 cm H x 125 cm W


I received a comission from my father in law to paint the “Creation of Man”. He is a research scientist and professor (specializing in muscles) and a devout christian. We have enjoyed many pleasurable philosophical discussions together.


On a physical level, a balanced system is maintained in equilibrium by a constant incoming stream of energy. One can imagine this as a globe suspended in a jet of water. This image also represents creation as an ongoing process.


On a metaphysical and christian level, I was inspired by words from the Gospel of Saint John (“the word was made flesh and dwelt among us…”). Here word and deed, essence and existence are basically the same thing.


Normally I avoid narrative art but this time my use of image and colour is symbolic. The 3 primary colours – red, green and blue –  which together make white refer to the Christian concept of trinity, in which God is seen not only as a person but also as a relationship (or “comm-union”). The globe has 2 colours, alluding not only to the physical world and elements (land – water – sky) but also to the duality of human life,  spirit and matter, man and woman. In the painting there are other images left open to interpretation.


Reference : 031601


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