My story

For me art is true and beautiful.

It is about what we see and the way we see.

I believe that art is both a window to the outside world and a window to the soul.


I am Thyl (pronounced “Teel”) of Belgian nationality but from a mixed background. As a child I lived in many countries and then settled down in Brussels. Over the years I have tried my hand at many different trades.


In 2004 I took a year off to paint and hosted my first solo exhibition inspired by the forest of Brussels. Since then I have attended a few classes at different art academies. I appreciate the inspiration and feedback from teachers and fellow students but enjoy painting most alone in my atelier.


In June 2017 I moved to southern Portugal. I enjoy the vivid colours, the sunny hills and sea views. There is something both romantic and earthy about the local landscapes.  The Algarve is a warm cosy place and the people are friendly and relaxed.

My Art


Many works, both figurative and non figurative are inspired by a love of Nature. I am excited by colours, their vibrancy and energy. Nature seems so abundant, so effortless and yet always in harmony. I often experience how difficult it is to express all this energy and multiplicity without compromising the unity of a work.


There are other sources of ideas. Some works are spiritually inspired or develop from words that I write. Others may result from commissions that I receive.


So far my paintings are mainly in oil, sometimes acrylic. I also use watercolour and pencil in preliminary sketches.

Gazing at the sea


power, peace and harmony



Constant but ever changing


In the foreground waves that rise and fall


Of the sames substance as the sea, and yet the sea is more



Thoughts like waves


to acknowledge, accept and let go …


Beyond is bliss, pure awareness, vibrancy and compassion